Parking/Overnight Storage Reminder

The holiday season is a time when some of you may choose to travel to be with relatives or perhaps they may come to visit you here on Daniel Island. We felt it was a good time to send a reminder out referencing POA policies in regards to parking/storing of mobile homes, RVs and campers at your home or unit.

Per the CC&Rs (governing documents) for the Associations, parking of these items is not allowed on the exterior of a unit overnight, either on the street or in the driveway. This rule also includes POA common areas and at our amenities (pool and boat landing parking lots).

Except for the intermittent loading and unloading, these vehicles cannot be parked overnight.

If you have a need unexpectedly arise such as an emergency maintenance/repair issue – please notify the POA office immediately at 843-971-9200 so that we are aware and can respond back to you with questions and follow-up.

Thank you for your help with this matter.