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Alligators and Off-Leash Dogs

April 23, 2024

Alligators are a part of Lowcountry life. They may be present in any of our 50+ ponds or mobile, moving from pond to pond. In South Carolina, breeding season for alligators is typically late May – early June, however, the alligators have been emerging sooner than normal with the warmer weather we have recently experienced.

Leading up to the breeding season – you will see more alligators out at the ponds or even mobile looking for potential mates. Not only are they more present during this time, but they may also be a little more aggressive.

While this is a natural behavior for our reptilian friends, it may pose a risk for our beloved pets, both cats and dogs alike. Free-roaming pets may be easy prey for a hungry alligator. Not only is it the law, but it is for the safety of your pets that they are kept on the leash at all times when you are away from your property. It makes no difference to the alligator that your cat is an outdoor cat or your dog is well-behaved and likes to roam.

Additionally, it is not advised to let your pets in or near any of the ponds at any point throughout the year. Remember to honor their space as we continue to live alongside our wildlife.

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