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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


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A list of some frequently asked questions from community members. If you did not find your answer here, contact us for more information.

Mailbox Damaged?

If your mailbox or mailbox post has been damaged, please contact and include a photo.

Replacement mailboxes $275 and posts are $175.

Are Commercial Vehicles Allowed?

Commercial-type trucks or vans that are unmarked are permitted if the primary purpose is for use as a passenger vehicle. If they are marked with logos, the vehicle should be stored in the garage when not in use.

Where can residents store boats, camper RVs, or trailers?

Boats, campers, RVs, or trailers are to be stored in the resident’s garage or at a local storage facility. These items are not permitted in driveways or on the street except for intermittent loading, unloading, and cleaning (6 hours max.) nor are they allowed at one’s home overnight.

Who do you call when you encounter issues with off leash pets or other animal related concerns?

Residents should contact the Consolidated Dispatch Center at 843.743.7200 for all concerns regarding public safety (911 if there is any immediate danger or an emergency).

The dispatcher will contact the on-duty Animal Services officer during normal business hours. During all other hours, officers are dispatched to assist and Animal Services will follow up (if necessary) during the next business day.

How can I rent the Pierce Park Pavilion, Crow's Nest, or the Scott Park Pool?

For information about renting any of these amenities for a special event, please email the POA office at Please note that pool parties are not allowed at the Pierce Park or Crow’s Nest pools.

Are short-term rentals allowed on Daniel Island?

Though the Daniel Island CC&Rs do not prohibit short-term rentals (1-29 days) specifically, the City ordinance regarding short-term rentals does pertain to Daniel Island and must be adhered to. Additional Information can be found on the City of Charleston website HERE. The entirety of Daniel Island (and all of the parts of the City of Charleston in Berkeley County, along with other areas) are in Residential Category 3 under the regulations.

How do I find out the exterior colors of my existing home?

To find out the exterior colors of your home, please contact us at or 843.971.9200.

What is DINA?

The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association (DINA) is a volunteer organization formed by residents and sanctioned by the City of Charleston in 1998. DINA’s mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life on Daniel Island. DINA is the recognized voice of all residents of Daniel Island in advocating for and resolving issues needing the attention of the City of Charleston, Berkeley County, and the State of South Carolina.

The Daniel Island Neighborhood Association holds quarterly Membership Meetings from 6-8 PM at Daniel Pointe Retirement Community (514 Robert Daniel Drive). These meetings are free and open to all Daniel Island residents to attend. Please see their website for the calendar and to register to attend. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram @DINeighborhood

Quarterly meetings include important updates from the City of Charleston Council Rep(s), Berkeley County Council Rep, CPD Team 5, and DIPOA, as well as, speakers on issues affecting Daniel Island residents.

A complete meeting agenda will be posted on the DINA website in advance of the meeting and meeting minutes are posted after all meetings.

Sign up HERE to become a member, and hear from DINA about community information, and events. *Your contact information will never be sold or shared.*

The current DINA President is Andrea Sullivan. She can be contacted at:

DINA’s website is –

Where can I find a map of Daniel Island?

Click HERE to view our latest map of Daniel Island.

Where can I find a list of trails on Daniel Island?

Explore our interactive map of parks and trails of Daniel Island HERE.
Click HERE to view the color-coded list of trails and HERE for the accompanying map.

I would like to make exterior changes to my home. What is the process?

All documents and forms on the Architectural Review Board page HERE. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Is Recycling Available on Daniel Island?

Our office frequently fields calls regarding recycling on Daniel Island. The residents of Daniel Island have a “free” recycling option thanks to Berkeley County’s partnership with RePower South. The RePower South facility, located at the Berkeley County landfill, takes 100 percent of the residential and commercial waste delivered to the site and processes it into recycled commodities, as well as a coal alternative which is co-fired with coal.

As of April 8th, 2019, RePower South began servicing Daniel Island with its single-stream collection, meaning all garbage and recyclables go into one bin. Residents are to place all garbage and recycling materials into their current green City of Charleston bin for collection.

If you live in a condo, apartment, or townhome community and are not serviced by the City of Charleston and Capital Waste Services during their Monday or Tuesday curbside garbage pickups, you should contact the property manager for your community to inquire as to your recycling options.

According to Plant Manager Karl Stechmesser, “we are able to extract approximately 25-30 percent recycled commodities from the waste stream. This includes cardboard (OCC), mixed papers, PET (water bottles, soft drink bottles, etc.), HDPE (milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, etc.), and both ferrous and non-ferrous (aluminum) metals. Additionally, the company has developed a process that can convert plastics 3-7 on the ‘recycling spectrum’ along with mixed papers into a bio-fuel called ReEngineered Feedstock.” Combined (recycled commodities and biofuel), RePower South extracts more than 60 percent of the overall waste stream, which no longer goes to the landfill, added Stechmesser. “One caveat – we do not convert glass as it is not economically feasible to process,” he said. “Should residents like to recycle glass, they will need to seek other alternatives.” Additionally, there is no cost to residents of Berkeley County to recycle. “so, whether a family wants to recycle or not, everyone in Berkeley County will be recycling with no effort, other than rolling your garbage can to the street,” added Stechmesser.

Additional information can be obtained at

How do I get a trashcan?

The City of Charleston Environmental Services Division can provide you with a trashcan. Please submit an online request HERE or call (843) 724-7311 to request a container. A record of each assigned container is maintained to control and ensure against container loss.

Does the City of Charleston Environmental Services Division pick up Florescent Light Bulbs, Microwaves, or Mattresses?

The City of Charleston Environmental Services Division does not pick up light bulbs or microwaves. Microwaves are considered e-waste. They will pick up mattresses and other bulk items if they are notified in advance. Please call (843) 724-7364 for pick up before placing an entire household of items curbside.

Who maintains the street trees?

The City of Charleston Urban Forestry Division maintains the street trees. Should you have any questions, you can contact David Grant, Deputy Director of Operations for the City of Charleston, at 843.724.7148, or email at

Do Daniel Island residents get presale notice to concerts at the Credit One Stadium?

Occasionally, the promoters of the concerts at the Credit One Stadium will offer pre-sale tickets to Daniel island residents. This is not the case for every concert.

How do I get tickets to concerts at the Credit One Stadium?

To purchase tickets to concerts at the Credit One Stadium, please click here.

Who do I call for an injured or ill animal?

Private Property:

If residents find any wildlife that is injured or ill on their property or in their pool, they should call the SC Wildlife Commission at (843) 953-5291. The SC Wildlife Commission will help guide residents on who to call to help rehabilitate the animal. If the animal is found just roaming around, residents should leave them alone and let them move on. For domestic animals such as cats or dogs, a local veterinary office would be the best office to call.

Common Areas/POA Property:

If residents have concerns about wildlife on POA common grounds, they should call the office at (843) 971-9200 for assistance. If the issue is concerning a domestic animal, please call the Charleston Animal Control office at (843) 720-3915.

Where can I get information about home and apartment rentals on Daniel Island?

Contact the Daniel Island Sales and Information office at 843.971.7100 or, or visit their office at 101 River Landing Drive

What do I do if I see an alligator in one of the ponds?

Contact POA Field Operations Manager Chris Hamil at 843.696.3496 or by email at Provide a description of the alligator (approximate length and any special behavior you may have noted) and the exact pond location. It is also very helpful – if you are comfortable and in a safe position – to take a photo of the alligator and attach the picture to your email.

Who should I call about mosquito problems?

The Berkeley County Mosquito Abatement Department (BCMA) services Daniel Island. To request service, call the Berkeley County Mosquito Abatement office at (843) 719-4646 during regular business hours (6 am-2 pm M-F). Requests are documented and issued to field technicians who evaluate conditions and determine appropriate measures for treatment.

You can also contact a private mosquito company to service your personal yard.

How can I access the community boat landings?

Please email or call our office at (843) 971-9200 for more information.

How do I rent kayaks?

Please click HERE to view the latest rental protocols.

When is pool season?

The Pierce Park Pool is a year-round pool. The pool season for Scott and Edgefield is generally spring through fall. These dates are determined on a year-to-year basis depending on several influencing factors. The dates are announced to the community prior to opening via the Daniel Island POA website and e-newsletter.

How do I rent a park area on the island for a party?

Please contact the Daniel Island POA office for information about park rentals. 843.971.9200 or

Can I have a yard sale?

While individual garage sales are not allowed on Daniel Island per the Covenants, residents are given the opportunity and encouraged to participate each fall and spring in the Community-Wide Red Balloon Yard Sales. Please contact the POA office for future dates.