Please see below a letter from the HALOS Organization in regards to their annual Holiday Drive. Dear HALOS Partners and Friends, I hope that everyone is well and safe!   I am writing to let you know how the HALOS Holiday Drive will work this year.  We are so thankful for…  …Read More
Although the holidays may look and feel different this year, they are just as important as any other year. Make your holiday special by starting a new tradition or taking a little extra time to soak up the holiday spirit. We are so thankful for all of our residents, employees,…  …Read More
From time to time the POA receives calls or emails from residents who are upset about owners who neglect to pick up their pet’s waste. Most of our owners are responsible pet owners who practice this consistently. For those of you who aren’t – please give your attention to the…  …Read More
The holiday season is a time when some of you may choose to travel to be with relatives or perhaps they may come to visit you here on Daniel Island. We felt it was a good time to send a reminder out referencing POA policies in regards to parking/storing of…  …Read More
A portion of the playground at Center Park will be closed for repairs. Our Field Operations Team has boarded up the closed portion of the playground and has added signage notifying residents of the closure.   During the closure, the swing set and merry go round will remain open.  …  …Read More
Now that the general election has taken place, we wanted to remind all owners that per the political signage policy on Daniel Island all political/candidate oriented signs, banners and flags on the exterior of your home or unit should be removed. Thank you for your help in keeping our island…  …Read More
We feel it would be safe to say that we have all experienced Pandemic fatigue as a result of COVID-19. While it can be mentally, physically and socially draining to have to stay on such high alert, it is so important as we approach the holiday season to strengthen our…  …Read More
As you can imagine, there are many miles of sidewalks and streets that the City of Charleston is responsible for maintaining on Daniel Island. Below is some information about this City department, what services they provide and how you can contact them when you have a question, concern or need…  …Read More
The 2021 Annual Assessments will be mailed to the property owners in all three Daniel Island Associations by the end of November 2020. Assessments are due by January 1, 2021 and are considered late after January 31, 2021 and will be subject to late fees at that time. Per the…  …Read More