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Architectural Review Board

The goal of the Daniel Island Architectural Review Board (ARB) is to create an architectural and site planning statement for Daniel Island neighborhoods and to provide a comprehensive set of standards that will allow this community to develop in an orderly and cohesive manner within the development’s comprehensive Master Plan.

Documents and Forms

Below are some of the most frequently requested ARB documents and forms. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the following:

Marla Chalfie, Resident Services

Mary Stuart Sutton, ARB Administrator

Carson Jackson, ARB Associate

Modification Information

Making changes to your home or yard? Repainting? Need to remove a tree? Want to add a pool or a patio? Planning to make an addition? Click below for directions on how to make changes to your home or yard using the ARB Modification Application.

2023 ARB Modification Application – Change Request for Existing Homes

2023 ARB Commercial Modification Application- Change Request for Existing Commercial Properties

*Note: If you are submitting for exterior color changes, please also use the below ARB Exterior Color & Materials – Change Request for Existing Homes form in addition to this form.

ARB Exterior Color & Materials – Change Request for Existing Homes

Captain’s Island Dock $1,000
Additions or Major Alterations $1,000
Minor Alterations $150
Solar Panels $100
Pools or Spas $500
Docks or Bulkheads $500
Fences, Walls, or Enclosures $200
Exterior Color Modifications $100
Minor Landscape Modifications $100-$200
Major Landscape Modifications $500
Exterior Signage $250


Final Inspection Information

The list of items required for submitting for Final Inspection includes 1) Request for Final Inspection Form; 2) Request for Deposit Refund Form; 3) Copy of the CO; 4) Final as Built Survey Form; 5) Letter from the Landscape Architect (DIPA homes only); 6) Letter from Arborist (only if applicable).

ARB Final Inspection Form

Request for Construction Deposit Refund Form

Commercial Projects

Current Commercial Projects

Disclaimer: The drawings are conceptual and are subject to change throughout the ARB process.

The Waterfront Phase 2 by East West
The Waterfront Phase 2 Condominiums and Amenities are located at the end of Waterman Street and will consist of 42 Units within 3 buildings. These buildings are currently under construction.

The Waterfront Phase 3 by East West
The Waterfront Phase 3 townhomes, condominiums, and amenities will be located at the end of Longshore Street. The condominiums will consist of 30 units within 2 buildings and have received preliminary approval from the ARB. The phase 3 townhomes will consist of 11 units within 1 building and have received final approval from the ARB.

Woodfield 3 Apartments and Townhomes
The Woodfield 3 Development includes apartments, townhomes, and amenities that are located on the corner of Fairchild Street and Daniel Island Drive and are currently under construction. The apartments will consist of 163 Units within 3 buildings. The townhomes will consist of 12 Units within 2 buildings. 

Nowell Creek Village Development
Nowell Creek Neighborhood development is located on the previous Blackbaud Stadium site, will consist of a total of 380 Units, and include apartments, townhomes, office space, green spaces, and potential retail buildings. The renovation of the existing office building is currently under construction.

Apartments by Middle Street Partners at the Nowell Creek Village Development
These apartments and amenities by Middle Street Partners will be located on Coastal Drive adjacent to the existing office building, will include 320 Units within 8 buildings, and are currently under construction. 

Townhome Apartments by Holder Properties at the Nowell Creek Village Development
These townhome-style apartments and amenities by Holder Properties will be located on Coastal Drive adjacent to the Middle Street Apartments, will consist of 50 units within 12 buildings, and are under final review by the ARB.

Davis Development Apartments
Davis Development Apartment Community will be located adjacent to Talison Row and Daniel Island Village off Seven Farms Drive, on Parkline Avenue. The apartment community will consist of 242 Units within 1 building, and received final approval from the ARB. The ARB has worked with Davis Development throughout the design review process to help minimize the overall height of the building with the use of a flat roof design and the reduction in the overall height of the building by approximately 14′ since the conceptual submittal. Please note, that the ARB reserves the right to require additional landscaping to soften views of the improvements to the site.

The Marshes at Daniel Island by Stanley Martin on Fairbanks Oaks Drive
Stanley Martin Homes is building a multi-phased residential neighborhood offering Townhomes and Single-Family Homes, and the first phase will consist of 54 units. We do not have any public renderings for this project yet, but we will post them when they become available.

Map for ARB Commercial Updates

Builder Program

If you are interested in acquiring admission to the Builder Program as an Authorized Builder on Daniel Island,  please download the document below. Once you are ready to apply, please contact the ARB office for an application.

Authorized Builder Approval Process


For questions, please contact:

Mary Stuart Sutton, ARB Administrator, at (843)881-6122 or

Carson Jackson, ARB Associate at (843)971-4403 or