Winter Weed Control

We have been experiencing a lot of consistent rain over the past several weeks. As you know, a side effect of this rain, in combination with the colder temperatures will increase weed growth. Take some simple, preventative steps now to address weeds in your lawn and landscaping.

The lawn and landscape maintenance referenced in the Daniel Island CC&Rs (governing documents) includes weed control as a homeowner responsibility in maintaining the “community standard” regarding aesthetics and for the health of the lawn.

It is a good idea to consider multiple options regarding addressing weeds throughout your lawn and landscape. Proper maintenance, mulching, and fertilizing with pre-emergent/post-emergent applications builds the turf and landscape while minimizing weed competition. Post-emergent weed applications can help address visible weeds now before they become a larger problem throughout your own yard and before potentially spreading to neighboring properties. Pre-emergent weed applications protect any further weed seeds from growing throughout the spring.

Stay ahead of the game by reaching out to a local garden center or Clemson Extension service to keep you up to date on best practices.