RePower South Single Stream Collection On Daniel Island

Our office frequently fields calls regarding recycling on Daniel Island. The residents of Daniel Island have a “free” recycling option thanks to Berkeley County’s partnership with RePower South. The RePower South facility, located at the Berkeley County landfill, takes 100 percent of the residential and commercial waste delivered to the site and process it into recycled commodities, as well as a coal alternative which is co-fired with coal.

As of April 8th 2019, RePower South began servicing Daniel Island with its single stream collection, meaning all garbage and recyclables go into one bin. Residents are to place all garbage and recycling materials into their current green City of Charleston bin for collection.

If you live in a condo, apartment or townhome community and are not serviced by the City of Charleston and Capital Waste Services during their Monday or Tuesday curbside garbage pickups, you should contact the property manager for your community to inquire as to your recycling options.

According to Plant Manager Karl Stechmesser, “we are able to extract approximately 25-30 percent recycled commodities from the waste stream. This includes cardboard (OCC), mixed papers, PET (water bottles, soft drink bottles, etc.), HDPE (milk jugs, laundry detergent containers, etc.), and both ferrous and non-ferrous (aluminum) metals. Additionally, the company has developed a process that can convert plastics 3-7 on the ‘recycling spectrum’ along with mixed papers into a bio-fuel called ReEngineered Feedstock.” Combined (recycled commodities and biofuel), RePower South extracts more than 60 percent of the overall waste stream, which no longer goes to the landfill, added Stechmesser. “One caveat – we do not convert glass as it is not economically feasible to process,” he said. “Should residents like to recycle glass, they will need to seek other alternatives.” Additionally, there is no cost to residents of Berkeley County to recycle. “so, whether a family wants to recycle or not, everyone in Berkeley County will be recycling with no effort, other than rolling your garbage can to the street,” added Stechmesser.

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