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POD/Dumpster Rules and Regulations

May 02, 2024

As residents are moving in/out of a property or conducting renovations, the Daniel Island POA wanted to remind everyone of the rules and regulations regarding PODs and Dumpsters at the home.

Per the Daniel Island CC&Rs, portable storage units (such as a POD), are not permitted to remain at the unit for more than 30 calendar days. They shall be placed in the driveway of the unit or another designated parking area. No more than one unit is permitted at a time and shall not exceed 8ft tall by 8ft wide by 16ft long.

Dumpsters being used are also required to be stored in the driveway or designated parking area for the unit and should remain covered at all times when not actively used. Dumping trash (boxes, furniture, trash bags, yard debris, etc.) in dumpsters that are on private property, whether behind a business, housing unit, home, or job site is trespassing and is illegal unless you have permission from the owner to use the dumpster.

Should a POD or dumpster be placed in the street, a City of Charleston permit is required. One can be obtained through the Traffic and Transportation department and should be shared with the POA. These permits should also be posted on the POD/Dumpster for others to see. Please contact the City of Charleston Traffic and Transportation department on the City’s website or call 843-973-7288 to obtain a permit or to inquire if one has been approved.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding PODs or dumpsters, please contact us at (843) 971-9200 or at

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