POA Website Migration

The Daniel Island Property Owners’ Association office has recently migrated their POA website to become a stand alone website. The link and URL are the same – www.dicommunity.org – but if you have previously bookmarked any part of the website, this bookmarked link will no longer work.

Reason for the migration: As we move closer to turnover, the POA needed to be a stand alone entity.

Physical Changes: You will not notice many physical changes on the new website. We have moved a few things around such as the FAQ page. This is now located under the Resources tab so that we can include a New Homeowner tab (coming soon!). All other information is exactly the same.

Bookmark: If you have previously bookmarked any page of the old website to your toolbar in your browser, please update this URL so that it connects to the new website. Your new bookmarked link should include “dicommunity.org”, not “danielisland.com”.

Please let our office know if you have any questions.