City of Charleston Residential Trash Container Information

The Daniel Island POA staff frequently receive questions from owners of new homes on the island asking how they can acquire a City of Charleston issued green trash can for their home. We also field questions from owners who wish to acquire an additional trash can. Find out how the City of Charleston Environmental Services Department can assist you.

The City of Charleston Environmental Services Division is the entity that issues standardized trash cans. For owners of new homes, simply call their department at 843-724-7311 and provide your name, address, phone number and email address, to let them know you would like to receive a trash can at your home. They will contact you regarding delivery. As a new resident of the City of Charleston, you will be issued one roll out garbage container where you will place both your household garbage and your recycling items in the same can as part of the single stream recycling program.

Please submit an online request HERE or call (843) 724-7311 to request a container. A record of each assigned container is maintained to control and ensure against container loss.

Customers must use the standard roll out green garbage carts issued by the City of Charleston. Crews will only service carts that are provided by the city. These City purchased cans are designed to be used with the garbage truck lifts to dump the cans thus reducing injuries and time of service of their employees. The container is a wheeled, counter balanced, heavy duty plastic 96-gallon cart, with an attached lid and rolls easily to the curb for collection. There are two smaller sizes, 64 and 35-gallon carts available.

Many owners find that one can is sometimes not enough to hold all of their household garbage and recycling items and therefore need to purchase additional City of Charleston green cans. Customers may purchase up to 2 additional carts from the City. Prices range from $48.00 to $34.00 (based on cart size). Purchased carts become the property of the purchaser. Should you wish to purchase an additional container for your home, call (843) 724-7311.

If for some reason your container is stolen or vandalized and a replacement can is needed, the resident should notify the City at Request a Garbage Container.

To find out more information about the City of Charleston’s Garbage, Trash and Yard Debris regulations – please see their brochure HERE.