Election Day Is Right Around The Corner!

Election Day 2020 is Tuesday, November 3rd. The General Election includes races for the president and vice president, along with many other races at the federal, state, county and local levels. For a complete list of races and candidates and to view a sample ballot specific to your area, visit www.scvotes.gov.

Election officials also urge voters to make sure their registration is up-to-date. Voter registration status, poll location and more can be found by visiting www.scvotes.gov.

You can also check your voter registration status by:

  • Emailing: webvre@berkeleycountysc.gov
  • Calling: (843-719-4056)

For all election-related inquiries and information, please contact Berkeley County Voters Registration & Elections at (843) 719-4056; or visit https://berkeleycountysc.gov/dept/elections/ or www.scvotes.gov.