Pedestrian Safety and Using Crosswalks

In recent years, an average of 1,170 pedestrians were struck by automobiles. Pedestrians were found to be contributing to the collision in about 60% of these collisions.

  • 183 of the collisions were fatal for pedestrians (The pedestrian was at fault in 80% of these collisions)
  • 227 resulted in the pedestrian being seriously injured. (The pedestrian was at fault in about 71% of these collisions)

Message from the City of Charleston Police Department:

The Charleston Police Department is dedicated to reducing traffic collisions in our communities. Our officers seek to achieve this objective through the public’s voluntary compliance with traffic regulations, education, and enforcement.

Most people think of traffic collisions solely involving motor vehicles. This is NOT the case, as traffic collisions may involve collisions between motor vehicles and pedestrians, too. These collisions are often referred to as, “Auto–Peds.” Oftentimes, Auto-Ped. collisions result in death or serious bodily injury. In recent years, the City of Charleston investigated (7) fatal Auto-Ped. collisions in which the pedestrian died as a result. Of those fatalities, (5) of the investigations determined that the pedestrian contributed to the collision due to being in the roadway unlawfully.

Large portions of the City of Charleston exists within an urban setting. Many of our more suburban communities were developed as walkable communities, which promote/ encourage more pedestrian activities. With that, please utilize designated crosswalks and traffic control devices (if available). As a pedestrian, please be predictable, and cognizant of vehicular traffic.