Daniel Island’s Two Thursday Farmers Markets

We are very excited to bring our 2019 Daniel Island Farmers Market to the community on Thursday’s at 2 different times (morning and afternoon). The morning market will be in our neighborhood parks (see map for park locations & schedule below) and the afternoon market will be at the newly renovated Guggenheim Terrace in the center of our town. Each location offers a different size, feel, and atmosphere.

We wanted to offer a smaller “Morning Farmers Market” opportunity that would be convenient to those who like to shop earlier in the day. So, we decided to bring the “Morning Farmers Market” on Thursdays, from 11 AM – 2 PM to several of our most visited POA neighborhood parks. Our parks are easily accessed by bicycle, golf cart or by foot. The morning markets will rotate to the chosen parks listed below. The morning market will be low key and simple which is perfect for those who want to pick up their groceries and go or to shop around while your little ones play in the park.

On Thursday mornings, the Lowcountry Street Grocery who provides a variety of produce, specialty items, and more on their mobile Farmers Market will be parked at one of the four most visited parks on the island; Center Park, Smythe Park, Townsend Park, and Edgefield Park with a special visit to Codner’s Ferry Park Memorial Day Week. Click HERE for a list of partnering organizations, local farms and producers featured on the Lowcountry Street Grocery Bus.

Also at the morning market, the POA will provide various park toys such as hula hoops, soccer balls, etc. for kids to play with as their parents shop.

Morning Farmers Market Parks Schedule:









Click HERE to see a map of the locations.

In addition to the morning market, there will be a Thursday “Afternoon Farmers Market” at Guggenheim Terrace (formerly known as Guggenheim Plaza in the heart of DI across the street from Dockery’s on Island Park Drive). This expanded Farmers Market will feature the Lowcountry Street Grocery as well as additional vendors, music, and a food truck! The afternoon market will take place from 3 PM – 7 PM and will be an ideal destination to meet up with friends and family to pick up dinner, enjoy live music, and stroll through to see what vendors have to offer each week.

Kyle Morton, Daniel Island Afternoon Farmers Market Manager, will be running the Farmers Market at Guggenheim Terrace. Kyle has the experience of being both a vendor and market manager which will benefit our Farmers Market. To apply for the afternoon market at Guggenheim Terrace, please click here: Daniel Island Farmers Market Application.

We are very excited about our partnerships with Lowcountry Street Grocery as well as Kyle Morton and can’t wait to see our Farmers Market enjoyed by many! Check out our Daniel Island Farmers Market Facebook page for weekly updates and additional information at https://www.facebook.com/danielislandfarmersmarket/?epa=SEARCH_BOX

Please contact Danielle.Hermann@dicommunity.org for more information.