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City of Charleston Trash Can Placement

March 06, 2023

The below information has been provided by Matt Alltop, Superintendent, City of Charleston Environmental Services Department as a reminder to the residents of Daniel Island.

The City of Charleston Environmental Services Department has been using automated garbage collection vehicles for a few years now. These vehicles have an arm that picks up and dumps the trash can rather than personnel. In addition to the automated trucks, the City still utilizes the smaller trucks with personnel collecting the bins on smaller streets and alleys.

While the City of Charleston does not use automated garbage trucks on all streets throughout Daniel Island, all Citizens should still abide by the following trash can/garbage collection rules and regulations to ensure collection:

  • Citizens should place cans on the curb and place them at least 3′ away from any mailboxes or vehicles, and not in the street. This applies to yard debris as well.
    • Having the cans placed properly on the curb and not in the street will also aid in periodic street sweeping.
  • Continue to use the green City-provided bin only.
  • Do not place trash on top of the cans, etc. regardless of what type of vehicle services your street.

Click HERE to view the entire list of rules and regulations for trash can placement on the City’s website.

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