Pool Rules and Safety

Summer is officially here and we would like to take this opportunity to remind property owners of pool safety information for a fun and safe summer for all.

The three community pools, Scott Park, Pierce Park, and Edgefield Park, are staffed with Gate Attendants daily from 8 AM – 8 PM. All pool staff members are employees of Sweetwater Pools, the Daniel Island POA Pool Contractor. Although pool staff are not direct employees of the Daniel Island POA, residents are encouraged to notify the POA at (843) 971-9200 or email info@dicommunity.org if they have any issues with pool staff.

Please note: Gate attendants cannot and will not perform lifesaving rescues. The gate attendants are not meant to be babysitters. Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to look after their child. Gate attendants do have the authority to let residents know when they are breaking the rules. Residents are encouraged to notify the gate attendants on duty if they see any infractions so they can notify POA staff if an immediate response is needed.

There are emergency phones at all pools for residents to use if a safety emergency occurs. The phones are located in the breezeway of the Scott Park and Pierce Park pools and at the entrance gate to the Edgefield Park Pool. If an emergency arises and you need EMS or Police, please pick up this phone and press the button. You will be automatically connected to emergency personnel. The address for each pool is located above the phone for easy access.

Please know that we take the security and safety of our amenities very seriously and encourage you to let us know if you are seeing any dangerous behavior at any of our Daniel Island amenities. The pools are checked multiple times a day by our staff as well as our pool contractor.

If pool rules are not followed on a consistent basis, the privilege may be suspended. You can review the pool rules below:

We hope that property owners will have a safe and fun summer using the community pools in a responsible manner.