POA Code Enforcement Door Hangers

The Daniel Island POA Code Enforcement Team uses various forms of communication to owners regarding code enforcement violations. One of the important tools that we use for this compliance notification regarding our rules or City of Charleston ordinances are our door hangers.

We utilize these door hangers when a violation is either observed by our staff during neighborhood inspections or from concerns or complaints that we receive from those in the community.

The door hangers are intended to be a leave-behind, friendly “First Reminder/Did You Know” form of communication.

Presently they are being used for noncompliance related to trash cans/garbage/household material and yard debris that are in violation of DIPOA and City rules and are normally left on the front door of the home or unit or on the City of Charleston trash can. We will also begin using similar door hangers for other common and frequent violations beginning in 2021.

The door hangers are used in conjunction with other standard means of notification including phone calls, warning stickers, email and hard copy correspondence.

When our staff observes or is made aware of a violation, the goal is to let our owners know immediately what the issue is so that they can take corrective action and to bring things into compliance with both City of Charleston regulations and Daniel Island Association governing documents.

We appreciate everyone’s adherence to both City of Charleston and DIPOA rules and regulations to ensure that our “community-wide standard” and neighborhood aesthetics are maintained.