FOB Access to Amenities

Please note that the annual assessments are considered late after January 31, 2021.

We want all property owners to be able to continue to enjoy their respective amenities. Beginning Monday, February 1st, all fobs will temporarily be suspended for all delinquent property owners until their account balance is $0.

The timely payment of your assessments ensures that the Associations are able to keep the island looking its best including our trails, pools, boat launch ramps, parks and other amenities.

If you are a boat landing member of either Ralston Creek or Beresford Creek and your account has a balance of $0 (Annual Assessments including boat landing renewals are paid in full), the 2021 trailer decals will be delivered to the mailbox of property owners beginning Monday, February 1st. This delivery process to all boat landing members’ homes who have paid may take up to two weeks.

Those who have paid their assessments and boat landing renewal fees after January 31st will need to contact Danielle Hermann at the POA at to schedule a decal delivery.

Need Account Information To Pay Your Dues?

If you have any questions or need your account information and balance in order to pay your dues, etc., please email us at for assistance. Please let us know your name and address so that we can look up your account information to email to you.

Please note: When paying your Annual Assessments, it will take 3-5 business days for your payment to process and for your account to be updated.