Garbage, Trash and Yard Debris Collection Clarification

Garbage, Trash and Yard Debris Collection Reminder

The below information was provided to our office by Matt Alltop, Superintendent, City of Charleston Environmental Services Department As A Reminder To The Citizens of Daniel Island:

Citizens are reminded that cardboard and any other additional/overflow items, whether loose or bagged, that are not placed inside the green garbage cans, WILL NOT be collected. Please do not place cardboard or other loose or bagged items on the exterior of the cans as they will not be picked up. This change is consistent with Charleston County and other area municipalities in an effort to limit employees’ potential exposure to COVID-19 and for their safety. Any excess items that do not fit in the garbage cans can be taken to a County Convenience Center. Berkeley County and Charleston County Convenience Centers are open for you to drop off items, including yard debris.

If the City/Capital Waste Services fails to empty the contents inside your green carts or fails to pick up your yard debris on your pickup day, please call the City of Charleston Citizens Service Desk at 843-724-7311 or click HERE to report the problem and staff will work to have it resolved quickly.

For links to both Berkeley County and Charleston County Convenience Center locations and what types of items, including yard debris that you can bring to these convenience centers, please see the information below:

Berkeley County Convenience Centers:

The Charity Church Road location is the closest for Daniel Island residents to use and will accept yard debris, furniture, other household items, etc. Normal operating hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 7:00 am – 6:00 pm. All centers are closed on Wednesday and Sunday.

Click link below to see items they will accept, hours and days of operation, and address for Charity Church Road Location as well as other Berkeley County convenience centers.

Charleston County Convenience Centers:

The Bees Ferry Road Landfill location is the closest for Daniel Island residents to use and will accept yard debris, furniture, other household items, etc. Click link below for items they will accept, hours and days of operation, and address for Bees Ferry Road location as well as other Charleston convenience centers.

Yard Debris Collection Policies

Residents should place the yard debris at the curb no earlier than two days before scheduled pickup. The policies for yard debris collection are:

  • All leaves, twigs, weeds and grass clippings shall be placed in brown paper bags designed for the purpose of leaf and clippings disposal. Please do not place these items in plastic bags as they will not be picked up. It is the responsibility of the citizen to provide the necessary bags.
    • Please note that while garbage and yard debris collection is picked up by Capital Waste Services on the same day of the week, it is picked up at different times during that day as those items cannot be mixed together in the trucks. Please only report non pickups after the drivers have had a chance to service both pickups (garbage and yard debris) and wait to report any non pickups until the end of the day.
  • Tree limbs and stumps need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and 4-inch diameter and stacked curbside clear of obstructions.
  • Miscellaneous materials, which may include personal construction materials, wood or metal scrap.
  • No household garbage may be placed with yard waste for pick-up.

Bulk, Large Items & Appliances

To dispose of old appliances and large metal items, place them separately at the curb. Please drain hot water heaters and remove or secure all doors on refrigerators and freezers. Junk, furniture, mattresses and other bulk items can be placed in their own pile at the curb on your collection day.

How Do I Purchase New or Additional City of Charleston Green Trash Cans?

The Daniel Island POA staff frequently receive questions from owners asking how they can acquire a City of Charleston issued green trash can for their new home as well as from owners who wish to acquire an additional trash can. The City of Charleston Environmental Services Division is the entity that issues standardized trash cans. For owners of new homes, simply call their department at 843-724-7311 and provide your name, address, phone number and email address, to let them know you would like to receive a trash can at your home. They will contact you regarding delivery.

As a new resident of the City of Charleston, you will be issued one roll out garbage container where you will place both your household garbage and your recycling items in the same can as part of the single stream recycling program. Please submit an online request via the link below or call (843) 724-7311 to request a container. A record of each assigned container is maintained to control and ensure against container loss.

Request a Green Garbage Container

Customers must use the standard roll out green garbage cans issued by the City of Charleston. Crews will only service cans that are provided by the city. These City purchased cans are designed to be used with the garbage truck lifts to dump the cans thus reducing injuries and time of service of their employees. The can is a wheeled, counter balanced, heavy duty plastic 96-gallon cart, with an attached lid and rolls easily to the curb for collection. There are two smaller sizes, 64 and 35-gallon cans available.

Many owners find that one can is sometimes not enough to hold all of their household garbage and recycling items and therefore need to purchase additional City of Charleston green cans. Customers may purchase up to 2 additional cans from the City. Prices range from $48.00 to $34.00 (based on can size). Purchased cans become the property of the purchaser.  Should you wish to purchase an additional can for your home, call (843)724-7311.  If for some reason your can is stolen or vandalized and a replacement can is needed, the resident should notify the City HERE.

Should you have any questions regarding any of the above information, please contact Matt Alltop, Superintendent of the Environmental Services Department with the City of Charleston at or at (843) 720-3882.