Waterfront Walking Trail Temporary Closure

The Waterfront project along the Wando River is in progress. The installation and renovations of the docks will continue throughout the remainder of the year. Some of the landscape renovations are beginning soon and will affect areas of the existing trail system in order to further progress. To maintain safety for residents, visitors, and contractors a portion of the trail will be closed.

Please see the information below from the contractors and begin making plans to alter exercise schedules accordingly.

South end of trail will be closed to foot traffic heading from South to North and vice versa. Pedestrian traffic heading from North to South will re-route West up River Landing Drive once the end of the foot bridge is reached. Any pedestrian traffic approaching from River Landing Drive will only be able to travel Northbound up the walking trail.

See the map of the closure below: (all trails within the area of the red triangle will be closed)

Thanks for your patience as we work towards an improved Waterfront.