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Meet The Exchange Club of Daniel Island

January 24, 2023

Who are those flag people?

Have you ever wondered who the people are that put up all of those flags on River Landing Dr. during the 4th of July? It’s the Exchange Club of Daniel Island and its members call Daniel Island home but they are more than just flags.

Did you know that they support first responders by providing stuffed animals to give to children to comfort them in times of need? The Time Out Teddys are soft and cuddly teddy bears that give children something to hold on to when they are scared or unsure when circumstances around them are frightening.

The patriotic banners honoring service members that hang from the downtown light posts between May and November are managed by the Exchange Club. Individuals that purchase these banners can feel a sense of gratitude from our community seeing their loved ones honored in such a beautiful and patriotic way.

The sweet blue pinwheels that spin in the wind during the month of April not only raise funds to support organizations like Dee Norton, working to prevent child abuse and heal families but bring awareness to the importance of supporting the children of this community to have happy childhoods.

And of course, those beautiful flags that wave so proudly during the 4th of July on River Landing Dr., honor so many of our resident’s personal heroes.

These are just a few of the many programs that the Exchange Club of Daniel Island supports. What’s missing? You! The Exchange Club needs dedicated and enthusiastic members like you to help create a better community, city, and country.

If you are interested in learning more about the Exchange Club of Daniel Island or becoming a member, please email or visit their website at HERE.

Together Daniel Island and the Exchange Club of Daniel Island can continue to make this island a wonderful place to call home. Exchange Strong makes Daniel Island strong!

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