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Berkeley County Warns of Phone and Email Scams

January 13, 2023

Berkeley County has issued a public announcement warning about phone and email scams from senders attempting to identify as Berkeley County Government officials and/or employees.

It is important to note that Berkeley County employees and leaders do not issue text messages or emails with unfamiliar requests. Please do not immediately respond to any unfamiliar communication or click on any links that may be included in a message or email from an unknown sender. For any communication that sounds unfamiliar, the receiver is urged to first utilize a confirmed method of communication to follow up with whomever they believe sent the message.

All Berkeley County Government business will stem from an email with the domain and will not be utilized by any other domain or free service such as Gmail. A quick check to verify the account has a .gov address is also helpful.

If you or someone you know has received one of these messages or emails believed to be a scam, phishing, or general social engineering, please report it by emailing Please do NOT report any items that are not about a potential scam or not related to Berkeley County Government.

For all Berkeley County news and alerts, follow them on Facebook and at

You can also sign-up for the County’s Emergency Notification System HERE.

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