Our Two DI Nonprofits Gave Back in a Big Way in 2020

Daniel Island Community Foundation (501c3)

The year started off strong when the 2020 the Foundation launched it’s third year of the Matching Campaign. Six organizations were chosen by the resident led committee to receive the funds from this campaign. The chosen organizations not only represented non-profits in which the community is passionate about, but also ones that have served or can serve members within the community.

Before COVID-19 began to affect the lowcountry in March, two of those six organizations had met their goal of $5,000 raised which was matched by the Daniel Island Community Fund (DICF) for a minimum of $10,000 donated! The two organizations are as follows: (donation amounts include DICF $5k match)

  • Shifa Medical Clinic – $15,200
  • Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center – $11,579

In April, the American Red Cross, East Cooper Community Outreach, East Cooper Meals on Wheels, and the Lowcountry Food Bank all had urgent needs for funding for COVID-19 relief. The Foundation immediately set up a matching campaign for each of the organizations to help fund their needs. In total, $79,340 was raised for these four organizations. Total donation amounts including the DICF match are as follows:

  • American Red Cross – $20,540
  • East Cooper Community Outreach – $20,570
  • East Cooper Meals on Wheels – $18,880
  • Lowcountry Food Bank – $19,350

Daniel Island Community Fund (501c4)

Despite COVID-19 cancelling many programs and events, DICF was able to continue grant awards to qualified nonprofits with two annual grant cycles. During the first grant cycle which was in April, DICF received 14 grant requests. Six of these requests were immediately funded as they were for immediate Covid-19 related needs and the remaining seven were deferred to a later date.

The second grant cycle was delayed until October to give non-profit organizations more time to apply. During the second grant cycle, DICF reviewed a total of 23 grant requests (this number includes the deferred requests from the April cycle). We are so pleased to report that ALL 29 grant requests were funded in 2020 which totaled $273,990 in grant contributions.

Giving Tuesday

In November, Giving Tuesday was another opportunity for our two nonprofits to give back. Several of the COVID-19 relief organizations that DICF and the Foundation had supported earlier in the year were in need of additional funds to continue their work in the community. DICF donated an additional $150,000 ($50,000 per organization) on Giving Tuesday to Shifa Medical Clinic, East Cooper Community Outreach, and the Lowcountry Food Bank.

Employee Advised Fund (EAF)

Many residents are unaware of the Employee Advised Fund. This is a program in which employees of Daniel Island can choose to donate a portion of their paycheck to the EAF. The EAF is funded 100% by employee donations and matching Daniel Island Company funds.

The EAF is then used to support organizations that employees are passionate about and support themselves. Employees who qualify to be a part of the EAF work for DI Real Estate, DI Development Company, DI Club, and the DI POA. (The Club hasn’t participated in years so maybe delete this sentence and since EAF goes away at the end of the year)

In 2020, the EAF donated a total of $131,250 to 31 non-profit organizations and towards the new Waterfront Park on Daniel Island. Since its inception in 2005, the EAF has donated over $600,000 to non-profit organizations.

More detailed information will be sent out in the Annual Philanthropy Newsletter in the 1st quarter of 2021.