No Parking Allowed on Common Area Property

We would like to remind everyone that parking or storing of vehicles or any attachments to vehicles (such as trailers or boats) on any common area property that is owned and maintained by the POA is not allowed.

We have noticed a slight uptick in this parking violation and we need it to stop immediately. This has been observed more frequently in common areas adjacent to town homes and condos but has also been noted in other areas as well. Parking on common area grass causes damage to the turf and other landscaping, which in turn costs the Association money to repair. All vehicles should park on the street or in the driveway or garage. We have begun placing No Parking signs where we are seeing these violations occurring and this will be enforced by the POA office and the City of Charleston Police.

If you happen to witness vehicles or trailers parking on common areas, please report this to the POA office at 843-971-9200 or at with vehicle and or license tag information as well as pictures if possible. Thank you for your attention to this communication