Dog Etiquette On Daniel Island

While it seems like life as normal has come to a temporary halt, one thing that hasn’t stopped is the need for pet owners to attend to their pets’ bathroom needs. We would like to remind all pet owners that when you neglect to pick up after your pet, it is an annoyance for those who encounter it and diminishes the quality of life on Daniel Island. More importantly it presents health and safety issues. Now more than ever with so many of our families at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need everyone’s cooperation in picking up after your pet on your own private property as well as in our parks, common areas, and playgrounds. This pet owner responsibility is also referenced in the Daniel Island POA governing documents and the City of Charleston pet ordinances.

Even though we have over 60 doggie stations on Daniel Island that are restocked weekly, we still need your cooperation in being responsible for your pets. Bring your own bag when you are walking your dog in case the doggie station is temporarily un-stocked.

Please contact the City of Charleston Animal Control Department should you have additional enforcement questions and we encourage you to click HERE for additional Pick Up After Your Pet information from the City of Charleston.