Important Information Regarding The 2021 Daniel Island Spring Red Balloon Yard Sale

Due to the ongoing health and safety concerns regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic, the 2021 Spring Red Balloon Yard Sale will not be taking place this Spring. This is community wide and includes yard sales at all homes, units, common areas, amenities and parks on the island. The POA values the health and safety of our residents and this decision was made due to continuing concerns regarding COVID-19 transmission within our community.

These concerns include, but are not limited to, promoting large numbers of shoppers both on and off island coming to resident homes or units and into the community, the inability to ensure that sellers and shoppers wear masks, the nature of the event which involves both sellers and shoppers frequently touching the same surfaces and the need to disinfect these surfaces by our yard sale hosts and attempting to monitor and control the 6-foot social distancing guidelines. We felt that in the best interest of the Daniel Island community, that this decision was a responsible one and in the best interest of public health and safety and for our owner’s well-being, in trying to minimize the risk of communal spread and exposure.

In rendering this decision, which was made by the POA Management, additional consideration was given to things such as current COVID-19 numbers in our state, as well as the phased re-opening guidelines that have been set forth by the City that are still in place and continue to be observed by the POA regarding this or other events that the POA coordinates, hosts or promotes and we are not comfortable with approving events or gatherings to take place at this time.

Once we are able to and comfortable with easing or lifting our restrictions, we will then be better able to discuss “conditional permission” for an event to take place, with the understanding that should the COVID-19 numbers spike or the City or State strengthen their restrictions or Phased reopening, the POA would not be in a situation to allow that particular event to take place.

We realize that many of our owners look forward to the Fall and Spring yard sale as a way to make a little extra money as well as to de-clutter their homes. In lieu of hosting the yard sale this Spring, we offer the suggestion to our owners that they consider donating some of the items that they may have sold at the yard sale to the many worthwhile local nonprofits or other organizations who need help more than ever with donations as there are many that are struggling that have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic.

Click HERE for some but not all of the organizations located right here in the Lowcountry where owners could consider donating their gently used items and help those in need in the Charleston community at the same time.