Halloween and Trick or Treating on Daniel Island

Each year, the POA receives questions from owners regarding Halloween/trick or treating activities on the Island. The POA does not determine whether or not the community participates in traditional Halloween/trick or treating activities normally held on October 31st. We instead leave that up to the individual owners and their households. There are those who participate and those who do not. Some may choose to either not be at home or may turn off their porch lights, indicating that they don’t plan on participating or giving out treats.

The POA does not have any references in their governing documents regarding Halloween/trick or treating or the activities surrounding that tradition or other annual holiday traditions and how or if they are celebrated and by whom, other than establishing a time frame for removal of decorations/displays from the exterior of owner’s homes. This reference in our covenants relates to all holidays and religious or holiday symbols and decorations and states that they are removed within 30 days following the occurrence of the applicable holiday.

The POA has reached out to the City of Charleston to see if they have created or disseminated any guidance, guidelines, or ordinances regarding 2021 Halloween/trick or treating activities within neighborhoods in the City of Charleston, and as of now, they have not. We will leave it up to individual owners/households to make the best decision for themselves as they determine the level of safety that they would want both at their home (giving out candy) or someone coming to their home while we continue to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.