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2024 South Carolina Hurricane Season

May 28, 2024

Hurricanes form when ocean water is warmest. In the Atlantic, hurricane season occurs throughout the summer and fall – specifically beginning June 1st to November 30th each year. Are you prepared?

Please see below for links and information on emergency preparedness presented by the SC Emergency Management Division, City of Charleston, and Berkeley County.

SC Emergency Management Division:

The S.C. Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) has released the official 2024 South Carolina Hurricane Guide. SCEMD and partner agencies have updated the Guide for the 2024 hurricane season. It details useful information on what residents should do before, during, and after the landfall of a major hurricane. You can download the 2024 guide HERE.

The South Carolina Hurricane Guide is updated annually by SCEMD in collaboration with local and state partners of the S.C. Emergency Response Team. All information in the Guide is valid when published yearly but is subject to change depending on storm conditions.

Sections of the guide include watches and warnings, tips on insurance, tips on preparing for an evacuation with pets, your zone, basic disaster supplies, and steps to remember when returning home after a major storm.

SCEMD, county emergency managers, and the National Weather Service urge citizens to take time now to prepare for major emergencies like hurricanes by reviewing their family emergency plans, developing a disaster supplies kit, and talking with family members about what could happen during a crisis.

The SCEMD website is a helpful tool and has numerous links to help you prepare for all sorts of disasters that could occur. You can view their website HERE.

City of Charleston:

Flood Zones: The City of Charleston also has some helpful information regarding flood zones on its website HERE. Some useful links include the latest FEMA Flood Maps, information on flood zone types, what to do before a flood, and more. This information may be helpful to residents should a flood occur.

Emergency Management: Charleston County’s Emergency Management Department (EMD) provides leadership and assistance to reduce the loss of life and property in Charleston County from a variety of man-made and natural hazards through an effective emergency management program based on the Four Phases of Emergency Management Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Find out more information on their website HERE.

Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness:

To serve the citizens of the County through effective planning for natural and man-made disasters. Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness’s goal is to save lives and protect property by coordinating an integrated emergency management system with all emergency response organizations, support services, and volunteers. The Berkeley County Emergency Preparedness Department continually works hard to ensure the County is prepared for all potential disasters. Find out more information on their website HERE.

When we are notified of a potential storm, we increase our communication with residents regarding the storm and additional useful information via our Newsletter, our website, and our Facebook Page (Daniel Island Property Owners Association). We recommend all residents sign up for our Newsletter HERE as this is our best form of communication.

How does the POA Prepare for a Hurricane?

As the hurricane season begins, residents and the POA must be prepared as much as possible for potential hurricane paths. For preventative measures, the POA annually receives updated engineer reports on our stormwater ponds to ensure all maintenance and structural pieces are ready for hurricane impacts. The POA also annually inspects and structurally prunes necessary trees, which could affect roadways in the wake of a storm.

We stay in close contact with the City of Charleston Emergency Management Division in preparation for any incoming weather that may impact our area. In the face of impending hurricane paths, the Daniel Island Field Operations team secures all furniture in common areas, playgrounds, pools, and boat landings to minimize any damage and potential hazardous flying debris.

Depending on the size of the hurricane, the Field Operations staff may secure dumpsters for debris removal post-hurricane. Our pool, pond, landscape contractors, and the arborist are on notice for an immediate return to the island for clean-up after a hurricane and the Governor’s approval to return. The POA staff’s goal is to return the island to normal operations as soon as possible after a hurricane.

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