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Yard Debris Reminder

June 07, 2024

We wanted to remind all residents of the following yard debris rules and regulations. While we appreciate our residents conducting yard work, we also stress the importance of following these rules/regulations to help avoid debris from blowing down the street and into drains, as well as to ensure pick up from the City.

Please see the below City of Charleston Yard Debris Collection Policies as well as restrictions from the Daniel Island governing documents:

  • Residents should place the yard debris at the curb no earlier than two days before the scheduled pickup (Saturday if south of 526 (DICA) and Sunday if north of 526 (DIPA)).
  • Leaves shall not be blown into the street, adjacent properties, or park spaces. This is not only courteous to your neighbors and a community guideline but also prevents leaves and debris from clogging the stormwater drains.
  • All leaves, twigs, weeds, and grass clippings shall be placed in brown paper bags designed for leaf and clippings disposal.
  • Tree limbs and stumps need to be cut into 4-foot lengths and 4-inch diameters and stacked curbside clear of obstructions.
  • If a landscape contractor is being used, please have them remove the debris with them when they leave. The property owner is responsible for their hired contractor and must inform them of the rules and regulations.

Additionally, no yard debris or trash should be disposed of in a common area, park, or adjacent lot, even if it is empty. These items must be placed at the curb in front of your personal property in order to be picked up. The City of Charleston does not service the Daniel Island common areas or parks and therefore the debris will not be picked up.

We appreciate your attention to these matters that will help keep our island beautiful.

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