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Daniel Island Park Association (DIPA) Election Nominations

September 18, 2023

The Daniel Island Park Association (DIPA), which includes all single-family homes and townhomes north of I-526 (not including Daniel Island Community Association or Daniel Island Town Association properties) will elect one DIPA Property Owner to the Board of Directors in November 2023. The DIPA Board Members Term will begin in January 2024. Please note the Declarant Control Period will remain in effect in 2024. Below are some key dates for the 2023 election of one DIPA Property Owner Member to the DIPA Board of Directors.

Important Dates

  • October 10th, 2023: DIPA Board nominations begin.
  • October 17th, 2023, by 12 PM: Last day to submit your name for the slate of DIPA candidates.
  • October 27 – November 3, 2023: Election of 1 DIPA Board member.
  • November 6, 2023: DIPA Annual Meeting and Announcement of the new Board member.
  • TBD 2024: First DIPA Board meeting.

Current DIPA Board of Directors

  • Jane Baker – President (Declarant Appointed)
  • Frank Brumley – Vice President
  • Bill McKenzie – Secretary/Treasurer

Timing and Procedure

In 2023, there will be one (1) Director elected for a two-year term. The one Property Owner Director’s term will begin on January 1, 2024. Please note the Declarant will retain control of the DIPA Board in 2024 pursuant to the Bylaws.

Board Candidate Nominations

Please submit by email the candidate’s name, address, email, phone number, a photograph, and no more than 2 paragraphs describing professional background and leadership qualifications to by 12 PM on October 17th, 2023. The slate of DIPA candidates will be advertised in the POA electronic newsletter on October 17th and October 24th, the weeks leading up to the election.

Board Election

The election will take place over seven days, October 27 – November 3, 2023, via an electronic ballot. To validate the election, we must meet a quorum of 10% of the Property Owners in DIPA to participate in the election. This means a total of 110 DIPA households need to vote to validate the election. If you are unable to vote electronically on any of these days, you will be able to cast a paper ballot at the POA office during office hours (Mon-Thurs 9 AM – 4 PM) from October 27th – November 3rd as well.

YOU MUST HAVE ONE VALID EMAIL ADDRESS REGISTERED WITH THE POA IN ORDER TO VOTE IN THIS ELECTION. This is to confirm your status as a property owner, to ensure your eligibility to vote in this DIPA Board election, and will also be where your voter’s code and the ballot will be emailed when it is time to vote. To confirm your email address on file or to register your email address with the POA, please email Danielle Stix at by 4:30 PM on October 17th, 2023 with your one preferred email address that you check most frequently as well as your property address.

Voting will be open at 6:00 AM on October 27th and will close at 6:00 PM on November 3rd. The winners will be announced at the annual meeting on November 6th, 2024. You must vote for 1 Board member for the voting system to accept your ballot. Only ONE vote per property/household will be allowed pursuant to the Bylaws. Additional information regarding the election and the election process will be sent out closer to the election date.

Pursuant to Section 3.2b of the Bylaws, the sole Class “B” Member shall be the Declarant. The rights of the Class “B” Member, including the right to approve, or withhold approval of actions proposed under this Declaration, the By-Laws, and the Articles, are specified in the relevant sections of this Declaration, the By-Laws, and the Articles. The Class “B” Member may appoint a Majority of the members of the Board of Directors during the Class “B” Control Period which shall continue until the first to occur of the following:

  • When ninety percent (90%) of the total number of Units permitted by the Master Plan for the property described on Exhibits “A” and “B” have certificates of occupancy issued thereon and have been conveyed to Persons other than Builders;
  • December 31, 2025; or
  • when, in its discretion, the Class “B” Member so determines and voluntarily relinquishes such right.

The roles and responsibilities of DIPA Board members may be found in the DIPA Bylaws, Section C on the POA website. The DIPA Board will meet on a quarterly basis beginning in January 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the DIPA transition, please email Jane Baker at

If you have any questions regarding registering your email address to vote, please email Dani Stix at

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