April’s Non-Profit: Philip Simmons High School PTA

Their students will graduate from Philip Simmons High School with the capacity to understand core academic content, think critically, solve real-world problems, cultivate creativity, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and be innovative life-long thinkers and learners.

The vision of Philip Simmons High School is to continually grow as a world-class learning center where a technology rich curriculum, innovative learning community, quality teaching, and student centered culture provides equitable access to a high quality STEAM education.

For more information on the School, please click HERE.

Donate to the Philip Simmons HS PTA Today

You can donate to Philip Simmons High School PTA HERE via our GoFundMe page or you can donate by check at the POA office – 130 River Landing Drive, Suite 1C. If you choose to donate by check, please make the check payable to the “Daniel Island Community Foundation” and add the non-profit name in the memo section of the check.