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Who To Call: Injured/Ill Wildlife

August 01, 2022

As residents of this great island community, we have grown accustomed to the beauty of the picturesque landscapes at our homes, our common areas, or the golf course with wildlife, such as deer, alligators, squirrels, foxes, and even coyotes. Our interaction with local wildlife can be fascinating at times but also can become less than optimal when an animal is injured or ill. When injury or illness occurs, it is often confusing who the correct entity is to contact to help the animal.

Private Property:

If residents find any wildlife that is injured or ill on their property or in their pool, they should call the SC Wildlife Commission at (843) 953-5291. The SC Wildlife Commission will help guide residents on who to call to help rehabilitate the animal. If the animal is found just roaming around, residents should leave them alone and let them move on. For domestic animals such as cats or dogs, a local veterinary office would be the best office to call.

Common Areas/POA Property:

If residents have concerns about wildlife on POA common grounds, they should call the office at (843) 971-9200 for assistance. If the issue is concerning a domestic animal, please call the Charleston Animal Control office at (843) 720-3915.

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