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Door-To-Door Solicitation

January 20, 2023

While we appreciate companies wanting to promote their business, door-to-door solicitation is prohibited per the Daniel Island CC&Rs.

Exhibit C, Section (s): Door to door solicitations for any purpose are strictly prohibited, including but not limited to, for the sale of goods or services, collection of funds, completion of questionnaires, and providing religious, political or other information.   

The office utilizes the City of Charleston Police Department to enforce solicitation complaints as we do not have the manpower or the jurisdiction to be able to monitor or track down the actions of solicitors. Instead, we report these instances to the police and we suggest that residents do the same.

The City of Charleston police has asked us to have individuals call the non-emergency line (843.743.7200) and report these at the time they are happening so that an on-duty officer can respond and address the issue accordingly.

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