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The Mission Statement of the Berkeley County Mosquito Abatement Department (BCMA) is to defend the health and well-being of Berkeley County’s citizens from disease and discomfort caused by mosquitoes, using integrated mosquito management practices that are effective, economical, and protective of human health and the environment. BMCA strives to reduce…  …Read More
The Berkeley County Animal Center is committed to maintaining a fiscally-responsible, healthy, safe, and loving environment for rescued, abandoned, abused, or neglected animals of Berkeley County (including Daniel Island) where all animals receive appropriate care and attention at all times and are treated with dignity and respect while pursuing the…  …Read More
School may be nearly out of session, but there are still valuable lessons to be learned in the summer months, especially when it comes to giving back. The Daniel Island Kids Young Philanthropist Contest celebrates the concept of philanthropy while supporting several worthy causes. The campaign will run from now…  …Read More
It is evident that owners are really taking pride in keeping the Daniel Island community standards up. So many homeowners have been utilizing this time for home improvement projects such as: Cleaning/power washing their homes to get rid of the mildew that is so prevalent in the low country. Organizing…  …Read More
While various POA staff members conduct inspections proactively every week, we cannot inspect the entire island every day or even every week. We appreciate our partnership with property owners in letting us know when they see issues or concerns within common areas and at the amenities as well as violations…  …Read More
The island’s extensive 25+ mile trail system winds through maritime forest, along the marsh and the water’s edge, and through neighborhoods and the island’s downtown, offering scenic views and a safe and convenient environment for runners, walkers, and cyclists. Click HERE to view the color-coded list of trails and HERE for the accompanying map.…  …Read More
Spring is the season of growth, renewal, and repair. Below are some homeowner landscaping tips that will help your lawn look great and assist in maintaining its property value. As the landscaping comes back to life, take note of these spring landscaping tips: Rake your lawn to eliminate fallen leaves, branches, and…  …Read More
Spring and early summer are good times to evaluate and revive your home’s façade. There’s a definite benefit to enhancing and preserving your home’s facade in addition to enhancing its curb appeal. Exterior upgrades consistently rank among the best home improvement projects for their strong return on investment. That’s because…  …Read More
Similar to dolphins, alligators, and coyotes, snakes are a part of life in the Lowcountry. There are 38 species of snakes in South Carolina, but only six species are venomous. It is far more common for people to encounter a non-venomous species than a venomous one. In general, like many…  …Read More
Gate Attendants are currently staffed on the weekends ONLY at all three community pools (Scott Park, Pierce Park, and Edgefield Park) from 8 AM – 8 PM now through May 22nd. On May 23rd, Gate Attendants will be staffed 7 days a week, Monday-Sunday from 8 AM – 8 PM…  …Read More