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Now is a great time for everyone to review the pool rules. June Pool Schedules: Check our programming schedules before heading to the pool. Each pool will have its respective schedule posted on the bulletin boards. These will be updated monthly as they will change when summer programming begins. Below are the pool schedules for the…  …Read More
Maintaining & Extending The Life of Your Wooden Fence Many homes on Daniel Island have wooden privacy or picket fences. These fences typically last about 15 years, but with proper maintenance you can extend the life of your wooden fence to 20 years or more. The Daniel Island CC&Rs (governing…  …Read More
As of June 1st, 2021, rentals at the Pierce Park Pavilion and the Crow’s Nest will resume. At this time, pool parties at the Scott Park Pool are not available due to COVID restrictions limiting capacity numbers. Please take this time to review the rental guidelines for each of the…  …Read More
I have wonderful news to share that enhances the safety of our entire Daniel Island community! Last week, brand new safety cameras were installed at all three Daniel Island on/off points. These cameras not only provide law enforcement the potential to solve crimes faster but also serve as a crime…  …Read More
After reviewing the revised CDC guidelines regarding masks, the POA has revised their mask guidelines. Please review the new protocols below: DICA Pools: Masks will only be required to be worn upon by those who are not fully vaccinated when entering the restroom facilities at our 3 DICA pools (Pierce…  …Read More
As yard debris decomposes, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus are released into the water. This causes algae blooms, which are unsightly and can kill fish. Preventing grass clippings and landscape debris from entering the storm drains is an important step to keeping our ponds healthy. Remember, only rain down…  …Read More
Alligators are a part of Lowcountry life and at this time of year, they may be present in one of our 40 ponds or mobile, moving from pond to pond. As their mating season approaches, you will find an increased presence of alligators. Always give the alligator the right of…  …Read More