A Reminder Regarding Fireworks From The City Of Charleston Police & Fire Department

The City of Charleston Police and Fire Department would like to remind everyone about the rules and regulations regarding fireworks as we approach the July 4th holiday. City of Charleston Ordinance Sec. 13-191 prohibits the use, sale, possession, and discharge of any fireworks within the City of Charleston. Smaller items such as sparklers, snap-pops, or similar are not regulated as fireworks materials and are permissible. Fireworks displays must be conducted by a licensed operator with a permit issued by the City of Charleston.

This ordinance applies to ALL Daniel Island residents as Daniel Island is located within the City of Charleston Jurisdiction.

Please call 9-1-1 to report emergency situations. This would include fires, times when a life is in jeopardy, or reporting in-progress crimes. If you are calling to report the illegal use of fireworks within city limits but there are no injuries or fires associated with the usage, please call the non-emergency line (843-743-7200) and a police officer will be dispatched to handle the call accordingly.

This message is in partnership with the City of Charleston Police & Fire Department.