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2023 DICA Swim Lessons

May 30, 2023

The Daniel Island Community Association allows 3rd party swim lesson providers to teach at the DICA Pool facilities as they have in past years. Instructors are required to provide the Daniel Island Community Association with a Certificate of Insurance that lists the Daniel Island Community Association as additional insured as well as complete instructor waivers before being able to teach lessons.

Once all requirements have been met by the instructor, they will be added to the “Authorized Instructor List” located in the community tab under Amenity Rentals and Rules. This list simply identifies the instructors who have met the insurance and legal requirements and are eligible to teach. The POA (DICA) will accept and add additional instructors to the list as they come in and are authorized.

All swim lessons take place at the Scott Park Pool. Click HERE for a list of authorized swim instructors available to teach at the Scott Park Pool. Please note that the Scott Park Pool is the only pool where lessons are permitted. Lessons cannot take place at the Pierce Park or Edgefield Park Pools.

Please know that the Daniel Island Community Association and its insurance provider are doing everything they can to allow residents to hire their own swim instructors while keeping the association and its residents at low potential risk. However, if the rules and DICA requirements are not met by both the residents and instructors, the privilege will be revoked.

To become an approved instructor, please contact Danielle Stix at

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