Exterior Modifications To Your Home

It is evident that owners are really taking pride in keeping the Daniel Island community standards up. So many homeowners have been utilizing this time for home improvement projects such as:

  • Cleaning/power washing their homes to get rid of the mildew that is so prevalent in the low country.
  • Organizing and cleaning out garages and other storage areas on both the inside and outside of the home.
    Start that painting project on the porches, steps, and railings of your home that you’ve been meaning to do but never had time for.
  • Keeping up or making improvements to your yards and landscaping by mowing, weeding, and performing routine yard maintenance.
  • Some are using their stay-at-home time by sprucing up for the Spring by planting flower/vegetable gardens.

We think things are looking great and want to remind everyone that Daniel Island Architectural Review Board (ARB) approval is required prior to making modifications to the exterior of your home or unit.

Examples of some but not all modifications that need approval are:

  • Tree removal
  • Change of home color
  • Building additions – including shed, pool, sunroom, etc.
  • Roofing
  • Adding solar panels

If you are thinking of making any changes to the exterior of your home and are unsure if you need ARB approval before beginning that project, please contact us before getting started. You can email the ARB Administrator, Mary Stuart Sutton at MaryStuart.Sutton@dicommunity.org and/or the ARB Associate Carson Jackson at Carson.Jackson@dicommunity.org

For more information on guidelines and forms, please click HERE.